Angelic Foe – Daughter of Fortitude

Posted in Video/Film on May 20, 2013 by Damón Zurawski

Here’s the video for Angelic Foe’s ‘Daughter of Fortitude’.
I entered this video to the Sony Production Awards. It made the shortlist/final but unfortunately I didn’t win. Close, but no cigar.


Shooting Angels

Posted in Video/Film on February 12, 2013 by Damón Zurawski

Here’s a couple of stills from the shooting of the video for Angelic Foe’s ‘Daughter of Fortitude’.
It was shot in an old charcoal building from the early 1800s, and it was dark and freezing cold. Around -3˚C inside!
Angelic Foe 1 Angelic Foe 2 Angelic Foe 3 Angelic Foe 4

Check out Angelic Foe at:!

Douglas Unger – Hanging On A Shelf

Posted in Video/Film on October 24, 2012 by Damón Zurawski

Here’s how the video for Duglas Unger’s song ‘Hanging On A Shelf’ turned out. Have a look!

And check out Douglas at!

Video Killed The Radio Star

Posted in Video/Film on October 5, 2012 by Damón Zurawski

Making a video for my good friend Douglas Unger!





The Dark Side of Entertainment

Posted in Uncategorized on May 6, 2012 by Damón Zurawski

RATZ: The Darker Side of Music is taking place at Kolingsborg on May 19th in Stockholm. The Catastrophe Orchestra will play along with Henric de la Cour and The Exploding Boy. Tickets are available HERE!
Ratz Poster The Catastrophe Orchestra

Klubb Kalashnikov @ Debaser Slussen!

Posted in Klubb Kalashnikov on March 12, 2012 by Damón Zurawski

Klubb Kalashnikov, my Russian/East European club is leading a very sporadic and nomadic life these days. But On April 5th, there will be a crrrrrazy parrrrty again! This time at Debaser Slussen. The folkpunk band, and good friends, Crash Nomada are having a release party for their new album ‘Atlas Pogo‘ and also legendary klezmer outfit ‘Den Flygande Bokrullen‘ are playing live and I have a special guest in the DJ booth: DJTommi from the Netherlands. Here’s a trailer I made for the album:

See you all on April 5th!

As The World Falls

Posted in The Catastrophe Orchestra on January 26, 2012 by Damón Zurawski

Down and down and down… We’ve made a new little video. Please check it out! And go like The Catastrophe Orchestra on Facebook:

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